About Kamaljit

He is an entrepreneur with an endless amount of courage to keep going and making his stand in life. He is charismatic, honest, and optimistic, but most importantly, his strength and will power is his pillar of life.
He stands with head held high to fight injustice and holds his beliefs in the supreme self of his eternal power.
He is a great team player and a people person who strives to motivate and support those in need, not by his words of wisdom but by his ability to listen, a department he certainly flourishes in. He is incredibly strong minded with a motto in life and believes life is never hard but it’s harder if we think it is. so don’t become a victim to your circumstances.

Kamaljit Singh does not hold a fancy degree of any education as such, but what he has self-taught is a true perfection of his experiences and self knowledge. He feels truly blessed with unimaginable wisdom and impeccable imagination, thus making up for the shining PHD’s. He believes true education starts when you pass out from the college and enter in to the journey of life and create your on path.

After successfully passing high school he worked for the film industry at the age of 18. He was lucky as far as his profession was concerned, but he was soon introduced to a world of addiction and narcotics. From there his life spiralled in the wrong direction and his ignorance could not handle his success. He became a raging alcoholic and drugs became his weakness, the more he wanted to get away the more he became addicted. His selfish ego and pride cost him his career and the potential of seeking true love. His addiction in combination with mood swings manifested a diagnoses that was later been discovered.

He suffered with depression and multiple personality disorder so to speak. When he became suicidal it was very clear the addiction was a coping mechanism for him.
That is when the fighter in him arose and the determination to not give up in life, so he carried on the fight.
He patiently stood the test of time and fought his way back and finally stood up and made his mark.
Fortunately with love and support from his dear mother and family he was able to stare in the eyes of life and call life for the next round.
He worked extremely hard with his condition and came out victorious.
He went back and completed his Hotel Management. He became a bodybuilder and also worked for a world famous cruise liner.
After working abroad for some years he returned to India and started his own real estate business.

Along the way he was once again given the opportunity to work in the media industry, but the universe had different plans for him. A month before he was supposed to start with his new project he met with an unfathomable accident.Unfortunately being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was badly injured, and lost the sensation to his left eye despite their desperate attempt to recover his eye through incredible amounts of surgeries. Though the doctors were able to save his eye, the vision of his left eye was lost.
This incident put him under unimaginable pain and agony, mentally and physically scaring him. It was like a torturous death slowly but surely.

He suffered from mental trauma, and this time the blow was even harder. In a flash he lost it all, his ray of hope and all that he had achieved. And for the first time in his life he had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. His mind was blank, and this time his mental condition deteriorated even more; the degree of depression and the thoughts of suicides were one notch higher. There was no medicine that could work its magic. He started loosing hope. With much sorrow he saw determination in the eyes of his mother and all his loved ones. After months of self-pity and anger in his heart he woke up one midnight. And he cried for the longest time, he cried until he could cry no more. And then he challenged life; he stood tall and was ready for a brawl.

Out of the blue, he noticed that he had a collection of books which were just gathered on the book Self collecting dust. With nothing else to do he started reading. And one by one he read all the books. Then with nothing more to read he remembered of a Holy book, “The Bhagwat Gita,” explain what it is and associated with what religion which was in the closet. He found it and read it and even though he had lost the sight of his one eye he was now able to see the world much clearer. He developed love and belief in the Supreme God. He started with the practice of Yoga and meditation. And soon was freed from his mental issues and depression. For the first time in his life he felt complete and at peace.
A long detachment from the outside world gave him a chance to explore his inner self, and in that process he found his love—his love for writing. It was the only thing that made sense to him and he felt it was fulfilling. He was able to imagine extraordinary stories and found he was able to write amazing poetry.

Kamaljit Singh is a freelance writer and a poet now. “Who Am I” is his first poetry book and will be available worldwide.